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Black & White

from the West

When I first became aware of photography, black and white was still the predominant form. I eagerly awaited Life and Saturday Evening Post magazines each week pouring over the imagery. Ansel Adams and the Westons were prominent in the arts. They gave me a standard to strive toward. This gallery will grow as I scan the negatives from years past. There are more B/W images in the Alhambra Farewell, Bodie, Eastern Sojourn, Film Infrared, Digital Infrared, and Wet Plate Collodion collections.

Just as I strive to make compositions that have a classic inevitability about them, so too I often photograph subject matter that has, in the terms of an environmental biologist, a climax community feeling about it. In a modern world of constant change, a reminder of classic forms and ideas has true merit and can help us cope with the more hectic aspects of our lives. In this way, I feel my best work is a stepping off point for meditation and reflection.

more to come

Will Gibson Photography

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