Chaco Canyon Tintypes


This gallery is up 'for your eyes only' for a couple of weeks as you and Kim are first in line for possibly acquiring one or two of these. They are all 4 x 9 inch tintypes except for the one 4x5  inch image of Fajada Butte on black glass instead of blackened aluminum. I've done my best to scan them accurately, leaving the imperfections intact. I consider these the best of those I shot at Chaco. I'm asking $150 for the 4x9 size and $125 for the black glass plate 4 x 5. Should you want more than one, I would deduct $25 from each subsequent image. I would anticipate shipping to be $15 for USPS Priority Packaging.  Whatever you decide, it was quite enjoyable to meet you both and again, thank you for your interest in my work.

Will Gibson Photography